SOL:Stone Of Life

SOL:Stone Of Life is an action RPG where you choose your battle style and learn skills, explore dungeons, and use the infinite weapons to battle against monsters.


The order of the Amon Kingdom has been rapidly weakened due to the power struggle between the local governments. The plundering from bandits and barbarians from the Northern lands became serious every day and the appearance of ancient spirits made it worse. With the rumor of the spirits’ attack, the people were trembling in fear wondering about why the ancient spirits have been reincarnated.

Finally Amon the 1st decides to bring the Stone of Life to the palace from the ancient ruins to relieve the people from fear and to establish the royal authority.

And the Stone of Life was finally being brought to the palace by the elite “Black Troops” along with the other treasures.

But a shadow was lurking upon this convoy…


SOL:Stone Of Life Review Coming soon.

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