Sonic Dash Review

Sonic Dash is an endless runner from Sega’s Hardlight Studios. In the game, you play as Sonic the Hedgehog as you dash your way through different tracks, jump over, sidestep, or duck under obstacles in an effort to become the fastest and best distance runner.

Temple Run is cool, but it will become less challenging and the novelty wanes as you play thousands of times. Fortunately, there are many new games of such genres coming out every week. With yesterday’s release Temple Run: OZ, we’ve experienced a totally new fantasy environment that is inspired from the fantasy movie Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Now comes a new endless runner “Sonic Dash” with the Temple Run’s mechanism, yet showcasing the flavor of what the Hedgehog Sonic can achieve with his incredible dash move.

You start controlling the Hedgehog Sonic as he races with himself on plenty of tracks, each of which contains three lanes on which you move your Sonic to dodge monsters and other physical obstacles, leap over barriers, attack enemies and collect rings.

The most dramatic difference from Temple Run, or Temple Run 2 is that Sonic Dash features crystal clear visuals and more miraculous power-ups, plus a dynamic piece of music, making you feel more agreeable and enjoyable than those games presented in fantasy.

On the surface, it might not be a challenge to get through some obstacles, but as you progress through the game, Sonic begins running at the insane speed. Sometimes he can rocket high. Sometimes he can crouch into a ball. At the very beginning of the game, you might not cover too much Rings, Scores and Meters. With your constant accumulation of Rings, you can upgrade power-ups to either get a head-start in the race or revive Sonic after a collision.

Another striking feature is that Sonic Dash offers varied types of challenging tracks like Coaster Roaster, Farmland and broken bridge, more often than not giving you breath-taking moments whenever you are considering yourself to relax a second.

But that does not mean Sonic Dash is perfect enough. Each time you lose your life, you will have to face some annoying panels that prompt you to upgrade your Dash meter Fill Rate, or to buy Rings. What is worse, the close icon for Score Panel and Hint Panel are so confusing that you sometimes believe the 2 X is the icon of closing the current window. Anyway, this does not affect the gaming experience once you begin to dash, but that could be improved with a small change.

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