Space Settlers

Space Settlers is a Sci-Fi space building game for iOS. In the game, players build their space base, research technologies in the tech center, produce resources like Dark Energy, Crystal and Tritium, as well as build Chariot to destroy other planets.


Space Settlers might not be an easy-to-understand game, but it is a visually beautiful game with brightly sharp, engaging graphics and its building structure models are exceptionally detailed with each part in good order.

However, as a strategy game, Space Settlers may be disappointing, especially for those hardcore gamers. It is complicated for newbies while it is easy for hardcore gamers. The gameplay is fairly different from that of troops-training games and in fact, you will have to build Chariots to achieve your ultimate goal of attacking.

Ostensibly, Space Settlers can be considered a space building game, and its title also signals it is going to be a game reminiscent of The Setters Online. At its core, it is a tower defense game and your mission is to destroy the targeted planet’s facilities and loot resources. On the one hand, you can build your space settlement with factories, tech center, and military center, etc to either meet a higher requirement to build varied Chariots, or produce resources to upgrade the buildings. On the other hand, you need to go to the Planet Port to search the enemy Port to attack in order to complete missions. Perhaps, that is the ultimate goal of the game.

Battle in Space Settlers is not tactically controlled. Once your Chariot’s entered the battlefield, you will be completely vulnerable. Although there is an option to withdraw out of the battlefield or repair the chariot, it nevertheless become a boring experience.

If you are not a strategy gamer, Space Settlers is definitely not the one you like. While if you love playing strategy games such as Light of Nova or Clash of Clans, this game is worth a try. In the long run, it is not so addictive as Clash of Clans.

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