Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an upcoming sci-fi combat MMO from Cloud Imperium Games Corporation. Powered by the improved CryEngine 3 game engine, the game has been developed since 2011 and is expected to launch in 2014 with a one-time purchase.

According to GameSpot’s report, Star Citizen raised over $ 6 million in crow-funding at Roberts Space Industries and Kickstarter, making it the largest crow-funding project. Although the game will be available with a one-time purchase without additional subscription monthly or yearly fees, it also monetizes through the sale of virtual items that can be used to customize ships and other cosmetics and the developers promise that the premium items won’t affect the balance of the game as a whole and even never take an approach to “Pay to Win”.

Since the game is developed by the designer Chris Roberts who successfully designed Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer, the upcoming Star Citizen shares the same gameplay with his previous works, but the universe of Star Citizen will be constantly shifting and evolving, giving players more opportunities to explore in the space.

Being described as a game with social options, the game allows players to operate their ships with some social divisions and factions as if they play in the real world.  At the moment, the developers announced some job classes such as  smuggler, pirate, merchant, and bounty hunter.

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