Star Galaxy

Star Galaxy is an upcoming space-themed strategy simulation game from Square Enix behind Final Fantasy series. The game works much like Crystal Conquest, a browser-based game currently in closed beta for Japanese market only.


In the vast galaxy, players will role play as a commander-in-chief to develop their own territory, engag in space battles by making full use of characters and mecha. The battlefield is the Galaxy where players will participate in the war with the opposing forces and claim the ownership of the whole galaxy.

As in those card-based fighting games, “Officers” or Troops in the game appears as cards and are able to gain experience points, level up and acquire new skills. With these cards, players can lead them to a battlefield that can hold up to 2,000 participants. Meanwhile, Players can cruise through the vast galaxy to explore the undiscovered planets and to loot resources necessary to train troops.

Speaking of combat, it works in a turn-based manner. Players will have a choice to choose from one of the four forces ( the Boldor Imperial Army, Holy Knights of Selshion, the Universe Trading Union and the Republic) to engage in the battle, and the winner of a side will take control of the area, which could increase the production of resources.


The closed Beta of Star Galaxy is expected to launch on December 20 this year in Japan and the international version may come out when the Japanese version has a stable performance. The full review coming soon.

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