Tales of Laputa

Tales of Laputa is a browser-based anime MMORPG from NGames behind Pockie PiratesPockie Ninja II Original and an upcoming game Foxli Rush. The City of Sky, or the mainland of this world, enjoyed peace in the past five hundred years. Now, everything is at stake since a group of villains threatened to destroy it for some unknown reasons.

Players will take the role as members of the Order of Morias, an establishment named after Morias, who saved the continent from the ruthless reign of demons five centuries ago. They will gear up, acquire class-specific battle skills, enhance their attributes, follow tons of quests, fight with the villains, and unravel their motivations – are they merely thirsty for uppermost power or are actually initiating an invasion for the sake of the long-exiled demons?

The game features lovable cartoony characters and embraces lots of classic elements in RPG titles. Players learn how to master magic, travel on their unique flying mounts, for example, a Frisbee-shaped aircraft, and confront robot monsters with bizarre looks. Also, they can both join friends in quests and adventures and can get virtually married in the game.


The closed beta of Tales of Laputa will be released soon and we will review it when it launches. Stay tuned!

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