The Lost Titans

“The Lost Titans” is a 3D browser-based MMORPG developed by ZQGame, the maker which publishes Shadowland Online, Operation Gamma 41, and an upcoming game Total Recall Online.


“The Lost Titans” infuses 3D pictures into 2D environment and turns out to be a mediocre title. The game is presented with 3D pictures, yet the camera angle can only be rotated in a limited way. You won’t be allowed to see what’s flying in the sky. All the maps and instances are crafted neatly and are exactly what one will expect from such games, though some of the dungeons look similar to each other. The trees, portals, mounts, characters and monsters – all are not depicted in details, but that helps the game run as fluently as a client-based one. Unfortunately, developers mistakenly employ the dialog display mechanics from 2D MMORPGs. That is why you always see lousily crafted pictures on top of dialog boxes, which sours the otherwise pretty pleasant visuals.

It would be difficult to play this game without believing it is a transformation of a typical MMORPG. The automatic navigating and battling systems, hordes of monsters and enemies populating a specific area, dozens or hundreds of NPCs scattered in the main city or in the wilderness waiting to assign missions – almost everything in the game reminds you of the 2D Made-in-China MMORPG experience.

That does not necessarily mean the game is bad though. It does have something nice in stock. For example, players can go to the destination by directly clicking the target place or an NPC who can help teleport you there. If you get tired of clicking, you can enable automatic battling, which in my personal experience works far better when I have to deal with many monsters. And imagine this: when you explore a dungeon, take down all the goblins, wolves and other enemies and are ready to meet the boss before finding yourself continuously losing health, you search the place and find a vicious enemy hiding inside a bush and shooting arrows at you. Doesn’t it feel good to take revenge in that case?

What really stops the game from being a hit, or achieving success to any degree, is that The Lost Titans is devoid of challenges, but replete with grinding and constant server connection failure. Though two modes are available for dungeon exploring, – Easy and Nightmare -, the exploration isn’t satisfactory enough to motivate you to play longer. Actually, each dungeon only takes two or three minutes, sometimes even less. You will find yourself spending most of the times accepting and reporting missions.

There are circular missions and daily missions in The Lost Titans. Daily missions allow you to deal with hundreds of monsters while the circular ones throw players in the position of be a machine that keep slaying monsters. Grinding in a MMORPG with 3D pictures isn’t a surprise but it is still painful to repeat the same process like 100 times, especially when you know the rewards are not that attracting.

The Lost Titans fails even though all the aforementioned problems had been solved. There was not a single hour that I passed without being asked to log in again and some unexpected errors keep popping up. And the worst is that I have to input the account and password every time that happens.

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