The World Online II Gameplay Video Revealed

The team behind The World Online II showed off a gameplay footage video primarily showcasing how the team rendered their game battle and skill effects. The World Online II is an upcoming cross-platform MMORPG for PC, Xbox Live, PSN, iOS and Android. Powered by the Unity 3D engine, the game features high-quality sounds and voice acting, delivering stunning 3D environments with fully sensible damage and weather effects. There are over 150 different hero combinations, 80 bosses and 30 heroes in all. The game will allow players to fight alone or online with a team to defeat some the of largest bosses around. The game will have 80+ large bosses of all shapes and sizes waiting to beat you and your team’s brains in from the moment you start. The game is estimated to launch later this year or as early as in the Spring of 2015. The folks at World 2 also launched a cross-funding campaign to raise funds on Indiegogo. If you want to support this game, just click this link to support it.

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