Thunder Run: War of Clans

Thunder Run: War of Clans is a Facebook-based strategy game from SpinPunch, the maker of Mars Frontier. The game bears a resemblance to Mars Frontier in appearance while implementing the core mechanics of Clash of Clans, a very popular game for iOS.


If you love playing Clash of Clans on your iPad or iPhone, Thunder Run: War of Clans would be great choice for you to pass time on your Facebook. It features the same gameplay with Clash of Clans, but has added a few new twists.

The background was completely changed from a tribal clan war to military alliance war. In the game, you will have a couple of options to train and upgrade your units like rifleman, machine gunner, mortarman, sniper, etc., to attack enemies. On the one hand, Thunder Run: War of Clans regains the animated troops battle during an attack. This allows you to see the real-time battle. On the other hand, you can control your troops during the attack and most importantly, your troops will survive if they win the battle.

While Thunder Run: War of Clans has its own flaws. For example, the artworks and interface was designed just as you make skeleton drawings. I do not think this game was carefully treated with 3D modelling and art design.

Our first impressions on Thunder Run: War of Clans are not bad. It has a detailed tutorial and reward system that encourage you to easily get the hang of the game. But if Thunder Run: War of Clans wants to stand out among plenty of similar games, there is a long way to go. At least, this is not a game at its gold stage.

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