Tiny Tycoons

Tiny Tycoons, developed by The Tap Lab, is a location-based simulator where players can take jobs, pursue their career, make a fortune, purchase properties in whichever streets and blocks they like in a virtual world designed based on the one we reside in.


You pick a city among London, Paris, or New York to start your dream. Select whichever business you like and take jobs such as dusting the shelf, chopping pineapples or cleaning the bathroom, to elbow your way into the food service industry, immerse yourself into district management or turn yourself into a CEO of a famed multinational.

Doing those jobs not only increases your mastery of whichever business skill you are practicing, it also unlocks advanced jobs, and rewards you with coins. With those coins, you can buy properties from Tiny Realty Group or other players in any major city in the world. After staffing and stocking your businesses and putting them into operation, you will make more money over time.

However, earning coins and running your own businesses are easy said than done. Each job you take consumes your character’s happiness and once the happiness is depleted, you have to spend cash on ice creams that will cheer him or her up or wait for them to recover themselves.

One won’t deal with a virtual city, or an idealized city block or anything. They walk down the streets that actually do exist in the real world. You could take over a Starbuck shop in 16th Arrondissement in Paris, or run your own car renting store in Manhattan, New York. It is interesting but can be realistically painful from the outset. Imagine what it feels like when a penniless person arrives in a Big City. You’ve got nothing but your ambition with you. With all those buildings in sight far beyond what you can afford, you have to work harder and harder just to gather enough money for your first, second, and then more businesses.

It may be nice to secretly become the owner of the acclaimed restaurant down the street hundreds of meters away from your own house. But the Geo-location based thing can be unpleasant in its own way. More than 50 million properties are scattered along the streets and roads in the main cities within the game world. You zoom in and out on the map, seeing the properties and characters or not, drag the map, and you will always have to wait for the trees, streets and other stuff to show up on the map, just like how the maps accessible on Internet work. And it is kind of frustrating to wait all the time when you just attempt to find an affordable property in the city to start with.

Tiny Tycoons presents a both aspiring and entertaining simulation gaming experience with diversified career paths, a location-based world, and over 50 million assorted properties. Would it be too much to ask for perfection of the map? I hope not.

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