Top New iOS Games: Warhammer Quest, World War Z, Phoenix Wright and More

Check out this week’s new big iOS Games including Warhammer Quest, World War Z, Phoenix Wright and many more.
Warhammar Quest

Warhammar Quest is a strategy RPG with tons of quests. In the game, you control a party of heroes to hunt for treasure and fight evil creatures as you explore the dangerous dungeons. You can also upgrade your warriors and outfit them with powerful weapons and armor dropped by enemies.

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Incredible Jack

Incredible Jack is a classic platformer from Chillingo. In the game, you play as Jack and set out on an adventure across seven unique worlds and solve puzzles to rescue your kidnapped family and unveil the conspiracy of the underground demons.

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Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD let you play full Ace Attorney series! In the game, you play as the defense lawyer Phoenix Wright to investigate crime scenes, collect evidence and defend the innocent in the courtroom. Use your wisdom and keen insights to discover the truth behind the crime.

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Suspect: The Run! Deluxe

Suspect: The Run! Deluxe is a breathtaking car racing game in which you should drive madly as a fugitive to dodge the police blockades and other obstacles. Unlock new cars and upgrade them to drive as fast as you can.

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My Mine

My Mine is a match-3 puzzle game set in an underground mine. Match and gather all the jewels and gold into the trolleys before they roll down from the conveyor belt. Play with your facebook friends and use the power-ups to boost your scores.

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SlamBots is an arena-based jumping game where you control a flying robot to smash the evil creatures in an infinite vertical quest. You can also unlock various new avatars and upgrade the damage capacity of your robot to gain more gold coins and higher scores.

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Chock A Block

Chock A Block is an am many matches as you can to get bonus points in shortest time. You can also compete with friends on a special board in Challenge Mode.

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Witch Academy: Match 3

Witch Academy: Match 3 is a cute looking puzzle game with bright graphics and lightning-fast gameplay. Simply tap your finger to match jewels of the same color, and create quick combos to trigger the powerful bubbling mode and bonus tiles for high scores.

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World War Z

World War Z is a movie tie-in shooting game set in a weird world full of deadly zombies. Explore the world, solve puzzles and exterminate the zombie hordes before they eat your brains. The game features multiple control schemes, action-packed gameplay, and upgradable weapons.

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