Tower Story

Tower Story is a facebook-based block-matching puzzler that delivers similar feel with Pet Rescue Saga. In the game, you are presented with a grid of colored blocks and your goal is to collect the purple lemons by clearing all the creatures above them and to gain at least one star in order to move to the next level.


Tower Story is built with familiar mechanics used in Candy Crush Saga, but comes up with some new twists that set itself apart Candy Crush Saga and other matching puzzlers. Not only are you able to swap adjacent blocks to clear at least three icons of the same creature, but you can cascade groups of two or more icons of the same creature. And the really exciting thing is that the container designs of various creatures are varied based on the difficulty of the level, leading to endless possibilities to match creatures.

Tower Story features a life system that are commonly used in matching three puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga. Without time limits, the game offers five lives and requires you to gather all the purple lemons and gain at least one star to complete each level in limited moves. If you fail to meet one of the two goals, you will lose a life. Of course, you can keep playing as long as you have life. However, if you run out of the five lives, you will have to wait half an hour to replenish one life. Of course,If you cannot wait to receive a new life, you can also ask your facebook friends for more lives or spend real money on purchasing lives.

The game is incredibly simplified. Anyone can pick it up and complete the first several levels without any problem. As you progress, you will find it increasingly frustrating with more purple lemons to collect and more obstacles to overcome. The shape of the creature container also changes from level to level. Even small changes like scattered hollows on the container make some levels surprisingly difficult. Fortunately, there are special power-ups that can be used to help you complete hard levels, such as extra moves that can give you 3 additional moves, and strong magic mine that can be combined with bubble bonus to clear all the same-colored blocks.

The problem is that the game only offers 2 specific goals to achieve all the way. Although it is entertaining enough with various obstacles and changing shapes of container across tons of levels, it is easy to become boring.

Tower Story is by no means a great puzzle game and proves astonishingly successful with 270k likes that are stilling growing. If you are a big fan of puzzle games on Facebook, Tower Story will definitely a good time killer. It has a lot of new content that give you a different feel of matching puzzle genre.

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