Toys”R”Us Towers

Toys”R”Us Towers is a facebook-based simulation game where the player assumes the role of toy employee at Toys”R”Us to manage his or her own toy store by building various toy departments and attractions in grids. In the game, players are able to hire new associates or recruit their friends, collect cash and in the mean time, players will have a chance to collect the real-world coupons for discounts that can be used at Toys”R”Us stores.


Ubisoft creates many groundbreaking video games like Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. While Ubisoft also produces some of social games for Facebook such as Ghost Recon Commander, Horse Haven, Rabbids: Invasion, and CSI: Crime City, BUT none of them creates a big brand for Ubisoft. Now Ubisoft rolled out a new Facebook game Toys”R”Us Towers in partnership with Toys”R”Us.

Playing Toys”R”Us Towers reminds me of 6Waves’s New In Town that uses the same mechanics with Toys”R”Us Towers. But Toys”R”Us Towers seems to target user groups younger than New In Town does. In Toys”R”Us Towers, players mainly manage their own toy departments such as Books department, Video Games department, or science department and etc. Each action conducted in the game should consume energy which will refill one every 3 minutes or refill up each time players gain a new level-up.

With in-game objectives in mind, players can complete those objectives step by step. Upon the completion of a set of objectives, players can be rewarded with XP, Coins, Cash and even discounts at Toys”R”Us. Some tasks or objectives can only be completed when the game is in the Day 2 mode. Also, the game also features scenes of day and night. At the end of the day, there are some statistics showing how much a player sells and earns.

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