Warbane is a fantasy 3D MMORPG developed by South Korea-based MGame behind Ghost Online, Hero Online and Operation7. In the game, players select between two conflicting nations to fall under, select the race and class, learn all kinds of skills, enhance their power, and battle against the opposing nation for the control over the whole world.


Foren and Orsia used to coexist in harmony before scientists discovered that the core of Orsia’s existence, or the Gaia Engine, was actually draining life from the world instead of merely transforms energy and facilitates human life. Once that is a shared knowledge, the two kingdoms disagreed on whether to end the use of the Engine and gradually turned hostile towards each other.

In Warbane, players will choose a race among Ariel, Tigheros, and Vulcano (for Foren fighters only) or among Human, Uzen, and Surt (for Orsia fighters exclusively) and select to be a warrior, thief, wizard, priest, hunter, or warlock. They create or join a party, explore the world, slay terrifying monsters, challenge other players in the arena. One can also join a guild and immerse themselves in the fierce but rewarding guild wars.

With battles as the main focus, the game also immerses players in other exciting and absorbing activities. For example, one could put on sale their unneeded weapons or outfits through Auction Manager and even set up a vending shop of their own. And besides the class-specific battle skills they acquire throughout the game, they can also learn living skills, including fishing and crafting, in order to collect specific items. Also, players could purchase or obtain summons that boost their stats through special quests and events.

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