World of Warships

World of Warships (previously World of Battleships) is an upcoming game from that joins the same series as World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. It is a free-to-play MMO featuring PVP naval combat. World of Warships shares the same impressive graphics and intense strategy as the rest of the series, but this time the focus is on the massive ships that dominated the high seas in the 20th century.


We will have a full review when the game launches.

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Players will take control of enormous and historically accurate battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft carriers. Each ship has a unique set of stats, including firepower, speed, armor, and endurance. The different types of ships play differently and contribute to battle in different ways. Strategic cooperation between the different ship types is crucial if teams want to rise victorious over their opposition.

Battleships are incredibly armored and pack the most powerful weaponry in the game. Destroyers are the smallest and fastest of the ships, making them excellent at working in small lethal groups. They can use guns to help fend off aerial enemies and their torpedoes are great at taking down battleships. Cruisers are ideal for hunting down destroyers and protecting the team from aerial attacks. Aircraft carriers are big and vulnerable, but the long-range air support they provide is critical. Players controlling carriers will also be able to control 20+ fighters, bombers, and torpedo carriers in an RTS-like fashion.

Aircraft carriers (big and vulnerable, long-range air support (fighters, bombers, and torpedo carriers), plays like RTS), battleships (heaviest, most armored, medium speed, large-caliber weapons) and heavy cruisers (good for hunting destroyers, protecting team for aerial enemies, and battling other cruisers), destroyers (smallest and fastest, good for group attacks, can help with aerial attacks but torpedoes are good for taking down battleships). Cooperation between the different ship types is crucial to your team’s success.

Ships have many tactical options to choose from, including surprise attacks from cover, clever flanking attacks, and engaging in open head-to-head combat. is taking great care to fine-tune the game so that battles last approximately 15 minutes but still feel realistic and historically accurate. They want to make you feel like you are actually controlling a massive steel monster that packs devastating power.

The game will launch with a full lineup of American and Japanese ships, but the naval forces of Britain, Germany, the USSR, France, and Italy are promised for the future. Battles will take place across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans on maps that span 50 square kilometers (about 20 square miles). A dynamic weather system will force players to adapt to different environmental conditions, sometimes mid-battle. will be combining the economic systems of all its ‘World of’ games so that you can transfer your currencies between all three games. If anything can be gathered from the immense success of the previous ‘World of’ games, it’s that World of Warships will be a fantastic game too. It is a safe bet that Warships will be loaded with exciting battles, historic scenarios, and awesome, realistic graphics. Success in combat will require excellent teamwork and good tactical decisions. The alpha is expected to release sometime this summer.

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