Worms Facebook Version Review

Worms, the almost 18-year-old classic series from Team17, has been ported to Facebook now. As in previous games of the series, the Facebook version again puts players in the team battle of worms against teams controlled by computer or opposing players.


Player could challenge their friends or random players. The competition takes place on destructible small islands where two teams of worms fight in a turn-based 3-minute-long match. Only when it is your turn can you move your worms, target at an enemy and release an attack at it. The first team that kills all the members on the opposing team or the team with a higher total HP left when the time is up, wins. Through challenging others, players accumulate experience and coins, level up and unlock more weapons and decorative items in the store.

Besides the turn-based team battle, players can also expand and decorate their home islands by deploying purchased items, fulfilling quests and initiate special challenges. You can put a huge helmet on the island as an decoration, give your favorite worm a lovely hat, and change your worms gravestone into a wooden one.

The game controls can be very easy. You move worms by pressing the arrow keys or left clicking, click and hold and then release to deal damage on your enemies. You no longer have to press spacebar to gather enough strength any more. However, since there are no short keys when it comes to weapon selection during battles, you have to spend part of your limited time in your turn to choose the right weapon depending on the current situation. And that is somewhat disappointing.

If Worms has anything that is incredibly impressive, it should be the unique Try Function. Whichever weapon you intend to purchase, you can always try them out in standalone battles before purchases rather than read long and detailed descriptions and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon.


However, Worms on Facebook fails to stand out among others like Blastron, and Crazy Fairies otherwise. Although players can always challenge others no matter the enemies are online or not, there are only a handful of similar maps, which exclude visual varieties and strategy adjustments based on the maps and will ultimately lead to boredom soon enough.

Worms on Facebook is a nice choice if you’d like to experience the classic gameplay, but for varieties in pictures and challenges and convenient controls, you might as well try Crazy Penguin Wars or something like that.

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