Yitien is a turn-based action MMORPG inspired by a famed Kongfu novel by Chinese novelist Gu Long. Set in the late Yuan Dynasty, the game involves players in the quest of the Fated One, who is destined to dethrone the corrupted tyrant and bring peace and order to the ancient China.

The game is published by R2Games, best known as the publisher of Wartune, Crystal Saga and Broken Realm.


In the game, players follow class-specific growth paths, acquire various skills, claim different weapons and outfits, and enhance the gear to improve their power whenever necessary. They travel inside a persistent world, join clans and battle against monsters and those from opposing clans. Along the journey, they not only obtain mounts, they also invite some bosses they manage to defeat to be their battle partners. Those are the typical MMORPG contents Yitien has to offer.

And the game mixes that typical MMORPG experience with other elements. Players can climb up the Kunlun Mountain in the disguise of Yeti and then battle monsters, in which case it is impossible to distinguish a player from the real Yetis on the Mountain. There is also the board game where players roll a dice and then move around, battle against others whenever they reach the same space, and play rock-paper-scissors in some cases to obtain extra rewards.


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