Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat is a social simulation game developed by Finland-based Gajatri Studios. The game puts players in the role of yoga trainee and trainer at the same time who will learn and then teach yoga poses, decorate the retreat and collect whatever useful they could find on the tropical island.


Specifically, you purchase facilities, including mats, pillows and chair, practice poses, and teach the poses your customers want to learn. In that way, you will earn coins and be able to buy more things from the store, expand your teaching section, and add recreational places, such as Juice Bar and Steam Room.

The game sports a well-being theme and genuinely works to stay true to the theme in every detail. You not only see your avatar and his or her students practice Sun Salutation and Warrior on the mats, meditate on the chair, but also get to collect fresh fruits from trees and bushes, water the Gotu Kola, and even plan special training for those customers with ailments. Interestingly, if you click a coconut palm to collect coconut, you will have to wait for a while before you could see the protagonist walking gracefully and slowly to the destination. Players can also learn some simple yoga poses from the occasionally popping-up illustrations of Yoga poses on the chair.

However special and healthy the theme is, the game still follows a familiar gameplay. As in ChefVille, all the game contents revolve around the customers. Players mostly do whatever the customers want: if they need to meditate after practicing, you deploy a pillow or a chair and when they need a drink, you constrssuct a juice bar. You attract and keep customers in that way and will lose customers once you fail to satisfy their needs in time. Naturally, the necessary actions – practicing, teaching, collecting and other things – all consume energy and the more you play the easier it is to run of energy.

In order to satisfy customers, you also have to expand the retreat, including the Yoga area and Rest area, and open up shops and store on the island. The expansions cost either coins or cash while the constructions require both cash and your friends’ help. It is very difficult to enjoy the game without paying since the energy depletes too soon and you are again and again out of it.

Yoga Retreat renders a brand-new concept but besides the professional Yoga poses all the characters manage to make, it has nothing to brag about. After all, it simply offers an ordinary simulation experience.

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