Yummy Balls

Sometimes it’s great to hunker down to play some seemingly ridiculous casual games that eventually turn out to be explosive fun. King’s Papa Pear Saga, which has involved millions of gamers in its attractive play on both Facebook and mobile, is one outstanding example. Now Yummy Balls, a copycat of Papa Pear, came into our sight, using pretty the same mechanics and drawing increasing attentions of massive Facebook players.

The physics-based mechanics are not something you have to spend some time to understand. In the game, you will shoot yummy balls from the upper middle of the screen and see it hit objects scattering all over the screen, bounce back and forth, and eventually fall into some jars that are placed at the bottom of the screen. The more bounces they take, the more points you will get. And the higher your score is, the more stars you get.

Like in Papa Pear Saga, there are a great many levels to be completed, each tasking you to achieve a particular goal, ranging from hitting some colored objects to garnering a certain amount of points. There is no way of predicting where the ball will be heading. For most of the times, it’s just a matter of chance whether you can hit the target objects. So don’t even try to employ any trick or tips. Your task is pretty much setting one direction, launch the ball, and then watch as the ball hits and bounces.

There is no doubt Yummy Balls gets a lot of cues from Papa Pear Saga. But that should not deter us from enjoying an otherwise entertaining game that could help us kill some casual time. If you are a regular Facebook player, you probably should give Yummy Balls a shot.

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