Zynga Elite Slots

Zynga Elites Slots is a Facebook slot machine game developed by Zynga behind successful hits such as Slots for iOS devices and Zynga Slots on Facebook. In the Elite Slots, players spin the machines with fairy tale or legendary characters and stuff on every reel and win bets while their pets on the top keep running, picking up experience stars, crystals and other things, and battle against bosses.


The basic gameplay is still conventional. Players take bets on any line or any combination of lines in specified patterns, spin the reels and if three or more identical symbols or special symbols appear in a row in the bet lines, they will win varying amounts of coins depending on the bets and the matches. As always, betting on all the lines remains the best way to avoid wrong bets but is also the quickest way to deprive yourself of all the coins you have. As one accumulates experience and levels up, they will unlock more machines, which feature different pictures, bets and jackpots. However, it is less likely to win bets in Zynga Elite Slots than in other games of the genre. Not all symbols in a row would bring coins. The match must starts from a symbol on the leftmost reel.

Of course, Zynga Elite Slots also introduces bonus games, but in an unexpected way. People spinning the same machine, say, the Enchanted Forest, will make contributions in charging the battle bar on top of the machine. When the bar is full, all those players will confront a boss and their pets, which can be the blonde witch called Esmerelda riding a broomstick, or a small cat named Puss n Boots, or any other pet you purchase from the in-game store, will battle against the boss.

Neither does the pet fight automatically nor you have to acquire and hone battle skills. You spin the machine and the matches will decide what damages your pets will cause. The battle is turn-based, and you only could spin when it is your turn. And since not every spin can trigger an attack and not every attack hits the target successfully, the battles can be very difficult and frustrating sometimes.

Zynga Elite Slots offers such diversified and captivating pictures that one feels comfortable and enjoyable to watch the pictures even when you are tired of the spinning and betting. Characters and images from classic fairy tales, characteristic animals and figures from legends and ancient cultures, among others, are all included in the symbols. Both the slot machines and their backgrounds, for example, snow-covered fields, or enchanted woods, work perfectly with the scenes and the items you see on the reels.

However innovative the devs have been in mixing battling with slot machine spinning experience and however impressive the pictures can be, it is still difficult to keep at Zynga Elite Slots unless you pay real money. Coins can be run out easily and if you are reluctant to pay, you would have to wait for over 15 hours for more coins or to post on more and more of your friends’ Facebook walls. When that is coupled with the often hopeless battles, it is justifiable to simply quit.

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