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Arctic Combat
[ ACTIVE ] MMOFRONT and WEBZEN have teamed up to give away 3000 gift codes for the free-to-play millitary shooter Arctic Combat. Each of the codes contains a weapon exchange coupon, EXP point boost item, game points and more. Want one? Read on.

To get a gift code, just click here.

How to redeem your gift code:
1. Log in to the Arctic Combat website with your WEBZEN account (or sign up for a new account if you don’t have one). Download the game at and install.
2. Click ‘FREE TO PLAY’ and choose the server located near you from the launcher.
3. After creating your character, select and enter a server/channel.
4. In the game lobby, move to ‘Item Shop’ or ‘Inventory’ to redeem your code.
5. Enter your code and hit ‘OK’. Once your code is verified, the items should show up in your Inventory.


Today we are playing a new game called Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment. Don’t Starve is a Survival Sandbox Horror game, in which you try to survive and adventure through the randomly generated world trying to live as long as you can! Currently if you buy one copy of Don’t Starve you get one free to give to a friend or giveaway to whoever you choose! Link: Don’t Starve: Don’t Starve (Steam) Klei Entertainment: 8-Bit-Ninja: Tags: Don’t Starve, Survival, Horror, Sandbox, the 8 bit ninja, klei, entertainment, gameplay, lets play, walkthrough, series, show, part one, new, updated, beta, alpha, testing, win, free copy, download, cracked, free

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