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Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games are some of the most popular online games today. Here is a look at what the best MOBA games are. First up is our top recommendation. If you are going to play just one MOBA then it should be:

League of Legends – Most-Played PC Game

best moba game

League of Legends (commonly known as Lol) is a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game released for PC in October of 2009. Not only is it the game that started the MOBA gaming craze that spawned many imitators, it is also the most-played PC game in the world today.

Play it here – official League of Legends website


The game contains a matching system, in which you are matched with other players to form a group. You each select a character and are placed against another group to invade the opponents’ base while defending your own.

The design of the game is pretty straight forward but easily allows for complex strategy and tactics to complete objectives. There are many different characters, or Champions to choose from in a variety of classes, ranged DPS, melee, support, tank and mage.

There are a total of two main game modes, Classic & Dominion. In Classic mode you aim to destroy the opponents’ nexus while guarding your own. Dominion entails that you seize and hold more of the capture points on the map than your opponents in order to win over the other team. Each mode has different team requirements and maps, or “Fiends of Justice. Goals and conditions for winning vary as well as containing different items and available summoner spells.

Classic fields are mostly 5vs5 and Dominion are 3vs3. These are not short games either, games on one fiend can range from 15 minutes to almost an hour depending on the complexity of the field, spells and team members allotted.

LoL – the most popular online PC game

While the game has been around for a few years, member base is still strong, you will always find more than enough of a variety of different players to play against. As a free to play game, League of Legends is a very fun, solid game that one than get lost in. From fun characters to complex strategies and well defined maps, you can still get good gameplay without having to put a cent into the game. While purchasing items may give you a quick advantage, it in no sense hinders the player form getting anywhere. Definitely a game to keep around for a while!

Link: League of Legends website

Other Notable MOBA Games

Prime World – while most MOBAs are PvP-focused, Prime World adds a bit of variety to the game by offering players action rpg gameplay with the usual persistent hero development and castle building.

Smashmuck Champions – MOBA action combined with crazy and fun characters. Play as a demented robot shark, platypus-unicorn, alien commando, and other such interesting champions in this new MOBA game.

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