Best MOBA Games 2012: DotA Clones Galore

Defence of the Ancients and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games have a very interesting history which has lead to the rise in popularity of this particular genre which of course has lead to many gamers asking the question (which I assume is on your mind at the moment) of what are the best MOBA games 2012?

Top MOBA Game 2012: League of Legends

top moba game 2012The game that started it all and still remains on top – none other than League of Legends. While other game developers might rejoice when they get 1 million registered players, LoL blows the competition out of the water with its massive 11.5 million active players and more than more than four million players logging in every day.

If you were to play just one MOBA game in your life, League of Legends should be the one.

The only problem with this game is the same problem that all multiplayer competitive games have – trash talking and harassment by other players who get too excited. Keep your cool and ignore those rude players. Apart from that, the game is good fun and free-to-play, so there’s nothing to lose by checking it out to see if you like it.

Link: League of Legends official home page

Heroes of Newerth

Review coming soon!

Link: Heroes of Newerth official website

History of DotA clones/ MOBA Games

Let me briefly describe the history so that the appeal of these games can be fully understood. Action real-time strategy games are essentially games which combine action games with real-time strategy games. They differ from real-time strategy games in that you don’t need to create units, and also only one player controls one unit and they differ from the action genre because players use an interface which is very similar to interfaces commonly seen in RTS games.

DotA is the game which defines this generation and it originally started as a mod for Warcraft III which was based on a custom map from Starcraft 1. Interestingly, this was a player created mod and was eventually brought to life with its own entire game by Valve who hired all of the creators of the mod so they could assist in turning the mod into a game in a professional capacity.

So, with such a rich past it is indeed no wonder that this is one of the most popular MOBA games to date and even less surprising that there are fine folk out there who want to find the best MOBA games 2012, because of course this entire genre is defined by DotA, and indeed all DotA Clones which were inspired by the original.

It is certainly a difficult task to choose the best DotA clone because frankly most of them are great. There is really a huge number of them which could be considered the best out there – the standards are so high that the developers compete with each other to try and make their games better and better. Which is great for the players as today there is a huge number of fantastic games out there which you can often get up and running in a matter of minutes because a lot of them can simply be player through your web browser!

What’s so appealing about these DotA clones is the fact that you can control a single unit (or commonly “hero”) which has a specific class of abilities which you must use in combination with other players differing specific class of abilities for the overall benefit of the team to complete what is generally the main objective of destroying the other teams home base. As with most PvP games, this can lead to truly tense situations which create very competitive settings and matches. When you win a match it’s a very triumphant feeling knowing that you and your team worked better together than the players on the other team worked with each other, and you worked so better in fact that you were able to defeat them in battle. This of course is all supported by the fantastic PvP systems, graphics and UI in each of these great games.

When choosing any sort of game to play there is undoubtedly a very large selection – but if you’re looking for something different which will give you a very unique gaming experience that is unlikely to be experienced anywhere else then you should definitely give some of the games in this genre a go and I promise that once you find the best MOBA game 2012 you’ll never look back because it’s such fantastic fun.

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