City of Steam Relaunching in November

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City of Steam Relaunching in November

Steampunk MMO taken offline in preparation for relaunch.

City of Steam, the steampunk-themed MMORPG from Mechanist Games, is being temporarily shut down until sometime next month in preparation for a relaunch. The developer is attempting to take City of Steam back from publisher R2Games, as well as make various changes to the game itself.

Mechanist Games’ open letter to players explaining the situation:

Hello everyone,

First of all, we’d like to thank all players for supporting this game since the very beginning; it couldn’t have come this far without you.

Circumstances have contributed to a significant loss of players and we’ve decided to cease the current game operations for the Global English version and take City of Steam back. This is a decision we have taken months to reach, and are confident that it’s best for the health of the players, the community and the game itself.

City of Steam is not shutting it down. We at Mechanist Games will improve and self-publish the game, and endeavor to make it available to as many of the original fans as possible by cooperating with popular English language browser-gaming platforms (to be announced).

City of Steam will be upgraded during the time it is offline to better suit the player demographics of the new browser-gaming platforms publishing the game; new content, new features, new systems, massive change to the economy and statistics, new equipment and cosmetics, new quests and an overhaul of most of the level art and main quests. Some features will be removed. There will also be a massive flying fortress for characters of any level to congregate in.

Because of these numerous and sizeable changes, the game will be re-launched in November under the title City of Steam: Arkadia.

Thanks to all the game’s players, and the support of the City of Steam community.

Mechanist Games

The game will be renamed City of Steam: Arkadia when it relaunches in November. You can follow the game’s progress on its official website.


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