Dead Island: Epidemic Enters Open Beta

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Dead Island Epidemic Enters Open Beta

Deep Silver’s free-to-play Dead Island game now open to all.

Dead Island: Epidemic, the zombie-slaying MOBA from Deep Silver, is now available to everyone on Steam, the developer has announced.

With the Open Beta, Dead Island: Epidemic receives a major content update that includes the following features and improvements:

• All-New PvE-Mode: Crossroads
Crossroads enriches the PvE experience in DI:E. It offers a bigger variation, higher replayability and more challenge, regardless of skill level. Both beginners and veterans get access to a mode where they canhave a lot of fun while at the same time unifying the game experience across both PVE and PvP.

• Progression System Overhaul
Levels for individual characters have been removed: There is now a global character level that applies to each character and unlocks apply to each character once you reach a new level.

• Crafting Overhaul
Weapon leveling and workbench levels have been removed and a new loot based weapon modification has been introduced: As they complete matches players can now earn weapon modifications (which are divided into rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary) which offer progressively more powerful and unique gameplay altering perks.

• Passive Skills
Character weapon expertise has been removed and instead every character now has a unique passive ability.

• Loot System Rework
Smarter drop system has been added which ensures more guaranteed drops and less randomness.

Dead Island: Epidemic can be downloaded right now through Steam and more information can be found on the game’s official website.


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