Deadbreed Announced

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Deadbreed Announced

Former Just Cause devs working on “high-end next generation MOBA”.

A group of veteran Swedish game developers is working on a new free-to-play online game called Deadbreed, a darker-themed hardcore MOBA with “unprecedented hero customizability” and RPG features.

“I wanted to play a MOBA where I could totally customize how my hero looked and, more importantly played, but I couldn’t find one,” explains Stefan Ljungqvist, developer at the Stockholm based studio. “Talking to friends, I realized I wasn’t the only one wanting this, so we decided to make it. Also, this was our chance to make a darker themed MOBA for hardcore gamers like ourselves and bring in some additional RPG gameplay features.”

Deadbreed is in development for PC and pending approval on Steam Greenlight. You can find out more and sign up for an upcoming closed beta on the game’s official website.


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