Eclipse War Online Open Beta Starts April 24

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Eclipse War Online Open Beta Starts April 24

Playwith Interactive’s fantasy MMO will be open to everyone next Thursday.

Eclipse War Online, the new fantasy MMORPG from Playwith Interactive, will enter open beta testing on April 24, the publisher has announced.

The open beta will launch with the following updates:

• PvP Map Upgraded! Seoness has evolved! Our latest MOBA improvements are coming along great! (Check out the images below)

• PLAY 2 WIN update: The focus of EWO as a free to play game will be PLAY to win. ALL items can now be earned through in-game methods one way or another! More info will be available on our official website soon!

• Successfully Evolving a transformation now has increased visual effects and will notify the whole server.

• Number of incorrect 2nd password attempts will display.

• PvP Notifications Added: Player kills displayed (A killed B), Tower destroy displayed, Minion Spawn displayed

• Improved texture work for certain transformations

• Warrior animation reworked entirely

• New Novice (low-level) PvP Mode Added

Eclipse War Online was announced in January and is currently in closed beta testing. To learn more about the game, head over to the official website.


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