Ecol Tactics Closed Beta Dated

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Ecol Tactics Closed Beta Dated

You can try out GamesCampus’ whimsical strategy MMO on March 7.

GamesCampus has announced that its browser-based strategy MMO Ecol Tactics Online will begin closed beta testing on March 7.

“We are excited to get to the stage where our growing community can finally play the game-they have been waiting to find out when they could finally jump in and test it out,” said Ecol Tactics Project Lead Elliott Coward. “Ecol Tactics takes the browser-based MMO to a whole new level with a breadth and depth players aren’t use to seeing in easy to jump into browser games. We’re confident our players will be very happy with the experience when they login March 7th.”

You can find out more about the game and sign up for the closed beta over at its official website.


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