Games Like Runescape

So let’s talk about some games like Runescape. I am going to present to you this short list of all the best free browser MMORPGs that are very similar to RS. The first thing though is to clarify exactly what we mean by “like RS.” The following are our criteria:

Basic Features

  • No download or client install needed.
  • Played on your browser.
  • Free-to-play.
  • At least fantasy genre. Western medieval fantasy is better since it is more similar to RS. I’m talking about stuff like knights, castles, magic swords, etc. So scifi or futuristic games are listed here, sorry.

What Makes These MMO Games the Best

  • A large and growing player-base – To put it another way, it has to be a popular game with a lot of players and with new people joining everyday. This is because a game that has too few people or a small community might die in a few months, which means all the time you spent leveling up is basically wasted. An active and passionate online community is a must for any MMO for it to succeed.
  • Good graphics – No text-based games, all here are graphical and the top browser MMORPGs have excellent graphics.
  • Lots of PvE and PvP – Rs is the type of game that has many types of combat and tons of mobs, bosses, dungeons, minigames, etc. The best games like Runescape should also have great combat content.

Top Games Like Runescape List

Drakensang Online Screenshots:

drakensang screenshotdrakensang screenshot1

Drakensang Online – this is our top recommendation if you are looking for an alternative to RS. It’s medieval Western fantasy, the 3D graphics are very good and it has tons of content. It plays very much like RS and its great fun so you won’t be disappointed. It has exciting fast-paced combat, dungeons, bosses, arena battles, quests and there is even a crafting system.

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga – this is another great browser MMORPG, the only reason it isn’t the top recommendation is because it is Asian-inspired fantasy. Have you ever played RS then wondered why everything is dark brown and green? If you like RS but think that its graphics are very boring, Crystal Saga might be the perfect game for you. It’s much more colorful compared to RS or Drakensang Online but its just as fun.

Other Games Like Runescape

dragon eternity

Dragon Eternity – this one is very combat and PvP-focused. Players will spend most of their time killing mobs or each other. There is a daily player vs player tournament in Dragon Eternity. If you prefer to spend time killing things, this is a great browser MMORPG for you to try. However, it is not all battling and action in Dragon Eternity, it also has professions which allows characters to gather resources to craft into useful items.

dragons call

Dragon’s Call – a good MMO with lots of lore (story and quests) and an active community that the game really encourages you to be active in. This is a good choice for people who are social gamers. The graphics are very nicely done, with an old school fantasy RPG feel to it.

F2P MMORPG Games Online

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