Genia: Brain Storm Beta Sign-ups Now Open

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Brain Storm Beta Sign-Ups Now Open

Genia’s looking for beta testers to test out its “knowledge-powered” MMORTS.

Indie developer Genia has opened the beta sign-ups for its “knowledge-powered” MMORTS Genia: Brain Storm and is now looking for testers to participate in an upcoming 30-day closed beta test.

Four years in the making, Genia: Brain Storm is an MMORTS about gaining knowledge and outwitting your opponents. Each game in Genia: Brain Storm involves up to 5000 players and lasts for a duration of 30 days.

From the official website:

“Genia: Brain Storm is a new MMO where the saying “knowledge is power” takes all its meaning.

Join an epic race and be the first to build Genia’s powerful Intellium! Piece together and apply real world knowledge to progress and boost your performance. Develop the resources to keep you in the lead as you explore the world and engage in research projects. Challenge rivals to slow them down and access their findings or create alliances to reap the benefits of collective knowledge.

Genia: Brain Storm will definitely add a clever new dimension to your game. Be prepared to start a mental revolution!”

You can find out more and sign up for the closed beta at


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