Hero of the Obelisk Second Closed Beta Starts Today

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Hero of the Obelisk Second Closed Beta Starts Today

Servers open at 2PM EST.

The second closed beta test for fantasy MMORPG Hero of the Obelisk will kick off today at 2PM EST, publisher GBE Games has announced.

From the announcement:

The 2nd CBT will start tomorrow (5th) at 2PM server time. To participate, click on “Join CBT 2″ on our website where the “redeem key” used to be at. All participants are able to continue where they left off at the end of the 1st CBT (it hasnt been wiped yet) as well as creating new characters. The participant of this CBT2 is limited therefore hurry and click join CBT2 before it is too late.

The purpose of this CBT is to test out the bug that has been fixed by the devs as well as to find more bugs/issues that we havent discover yet earlier. The list of bugs that has been fixed will be posted on forum shortly for players to confirm in game. When creating a forum post please put the tag “[CBT2]” prior to the forum thread title to help us identify at which phase the bug is at.

Also a random 20 players who participated in the bug discussion/report will be rewarded with $ 20 worth in-game cash during OBT.

See you all in game!

To sign up for the closed beta and learn more, visit the official Hero of the Obelisk website.


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