Heva Clonia Online

Added Under MMORPG | NA | Closed Beta: September 19, 2013
# PC
Heva Clonia Online
GameTags: ogplanet, playbuster, open world, fantasy, anime, crpg

Info: Heva Clonia Online is a casual fantasy MMORPG developed by PlayBuster. The game provides players with fun-filled adventure and exciting experiences through various in-game episodes and the ability to create cute and distinctive clones from any of the in-game creatures they may come across throughout their journey.

Key Features:
• Clone Monsters as Pets: Clone monsters to collect them throughout your journey, train them as pets, and battle them against your foes!

• PVP Monster Battles: Test your monster’s skills and battle expertise in the Main Arena against your friends or other players for victory.

• Couple-Dungeons: Team up with your closest friend in this two person dungeon challenge. Only true teamwork will prevail.

• Guild PVP Battles: Battle for guild supremacy in epic Guild VS Guild PvP battles! Only the strongest guild will rank the top of the leader board in this challenge.

• Mini-Games: Take a break from epic adventuring and questing to play some fun, casual mini-games. They’ll help take your mind off saving the world.

Model: F2P
Status: Closed Beta [ September 19, 2013 ]
Subgenre: CRPG
Estimated Download: n/a

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