Heva Clonia Online Launches

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Heva Clonia Online Launches

OGPlanet’s latest MMORPG now officially launched in North America.

After a brief open beta period, OGPlanet’s latest fantasy MMORPG Heva Clonia Online is now out of beta and officially launched.

The launch of the fantasy MMO is accompanied by a variety of game updates, including:

• Cash Shop – Buy exciting new items to enhance your gaming experience and to show off to your friends such as the new Demon Avatar Box Set, just in time for Halloween!

• New Region – A completely new region for you to explore, full of new clones and monsters to battle and collect.

• Added Quests – An expansion to the already engaging and epic story. Will you be able to save the world of Aerial?

• Increased Level Cap – Now you can battle monsters, collect clones and explore new maps and dungeons all the way to level 49!

• New Dungeons – Various new exciting and spooky dungeons for your to explore this Halloween. Make sure to bring a friend for these challenging adventures

• New Class Evolutions – Expand your fighting abilities with all new class advancements. You will need to master your skills before you can save the world of Aerial

You can learn more about the game and sign up to play over at the official Heva Clonia website.


Nouveau live sur Warframe, jeu disponible sur Steam gratuitement etant donne qu’il est free-to-play. Pour ceux qui veulent participer, rien de plus simple. Avoir le jeu et steam ainsi que Skype 😉

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