Kingdom Under Fire II Beta Date Announced


Kingdom Under Fire II Beta Date Announced

First beta test for Blueside’s hybrid MMO begins January 23.

Kingdom Under Fire II’s first beta test will kick off on January 23 at 6 PM GMT+8, publisher has announced. is calling this test session an “experience beta test”, granting access only to players with beta invites. The beta event will be held between January 23 and January 26, running from 6 PM to 12 AM GMT+8 each day. If you’re interested in taking part, you can grab a beta key and download the game by visiting the game’s official website.

Kingdom Under Fire II is a high fantasy MMO that blends elements of action RPG and RTS. The game was announced way back in January 2008 and suffered multiple delays during the course of its development. But now it looks like the game is back on track, and if all goes well, we should see the game released for PC and PS4 later this year.


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