Lost Saga Open Beta Begins

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Lost Saga Open Beta Begins

Lost Saga returns under new publisher; open beta starts now, full launch coming May 2nd.

Lost Saga makes its return to fighting game fans once again with the start of its open beta phase under new publisher WeMade Entertainment USA. The game was originally published by OGPlanet and released in 2009 but was shut down last February due to expired license. Now WeMade, the parent company of Lost Saga developer I.O. Entertainment, has picked up the title.

The open beta release features two new game modes, 15 new heroes and four new maps. Players who log more than 30 hours of play time will be rewarded with new heroes, 100,000 gold and three permanent gear chests, according to WeMade.

The game is set for full launch on May 2nd. You can sign up for open beta and start playing right now via the Lost Saga website.


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