Newest F2P MMORPGs 2012 – Updates, Expansions, Giveaways and News

The latest and freshest news about the newest free-to-play MMORPGs 2012. This is all about the newest MMO games’ content updates or expansions. There is also news about some free stuff because the game developers often mark special events with giveaways. Please note that there is a separate post for new open beta games.

July 2012 F2P MMORPG News

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Cabal Online – hot news! Cabal Online is having its anniversary giveaway event from June 27 to July 25, 2012. All players will receive a special anniversary gift pack and for the duration of the event, hunting monsters on all maps and dungeons will be incredibly profitable and fun as they will drop trophies which can be opened or exchanged for amazing rewards. Why do people play Cabal Online? The top 5 reasons are that it has 1.) realistic 3D graphics, 2.) beautifully animated battle combos and animations, 3.) epic quests, 4.) fun PvP, and 5.) polished gameplay.

Drakensang Online – currently the fastest-growing browser MMORPG, Drakensang Online is a full-featured 3D medieval fantasy game that is rapidly growing on popularity, attracting more than 8 million registered players in its first year of launch. The latest massive content update, Atlantis, introduces players to a new continent, over 100 new quests and lots of new monsters.

Rumble Fighter – a fast-paced action MMO fighting game, Rumble Fighter is quite fun and addicting. There is no grinding in this game – instead, players can dive right into the action by battling it out in exciting multiplayer combat using advanced combo attacks which are all shown in stylish anime-style graphics and animation. Currently there is a “bingo” event (June 18 – August 5, 2012) where players who log in and play at least 5 games a day will get a chance to win a random prize or special items. The more days you play the bigger the prize so its a great time to start register a new account in Rumble Fighter.

Stay tuned for more news. This post will be updates as more information about the newest MMORPG games of 2012 become available.

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