Rise of Incarnates

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Rise of Incarnates
GameTags: bandai namco games, lobby-based, modern, brawler

Info: Rise of Incarnates is a free-to-play online fighter developed by the team behind the Tekken and SoulCalibur franchises. The game features avant-gardist 2 vs. 2 gameplay, a multitude of characters and roles, and battlegrounds throughout shattered yet accurately rendered real-world cityscapes.

Key Features:
• Furious 2v2 combat – within an ever-evolving battle Incarnate duos wage mortal battle. Employ mental resolve, reflexes, and strategy as you run, jump, and fly through the true 3D arena engaging in close-quarter combat and long-range assaults.

• Characters and classes for all levels of play – Unique Incarnate powers in diverse classes enable you and your partner to form original team compositions, discover unparalleled strategic depth, and experience levels of camaraderie unavailable in modern competitive games.

• Awaken untold powers – Harness and unite your powers to decimate all.

• A ravaged world – the familiar cityscapes show a world on the brink. Tragedy must be averted.

Model: F2P
Status: Closed Beta [ TBA ]
Subgenre: Brawler, Fighting Game
Estimated Download: n/a

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