Sandbox MMORPGs 2013 List

2013 is going to be a great year for f2p sandbox MMORPG games. Here is a nice little list of MMOs with sandbox-type content such as dynamic virtual environments, classless gameplay, no grinding, no levels, lots of crafting and other such features that give the player more freedom and interaction compared to traditional themepark titles.

  • Pathfinder Online – a hybrid sandbox/theme park-style MMO set in a classic fantasy world full of magic and danger. According to the developers it is the high fantasy similar to Lord of the Rings, Conan and the Game of Thrones.
  • ArcheAge – an upcoming hybrid sandbox/theme park title
  • The Repopulation – this is an indie-developed MMO with interesting sandbox features
  • Embers of Caerus – a medieval fantasy MMORPG with sandbox elements such as a player-controlled story. It is currently being developed by Forsaken Studios, an independent gaming company.
  • Project: Theralon – this fits the concept behind sandbox gameplay in several ways, chiefly the the lack of standard quests plus additional features like player towns and housing.

There isn’t really a lot of information about these games yet because they are still unfinished. You can click on the name of the MMO to visit their respective official websites where you can find more details.

Free MMORPG Games and Sandbox MMOs

Games have evolved from being a one-player experience to a massively multiplayer one. In MMORPGs, players immerse themselves in a virtual world full of stunning visuals and unrestricted gameplay. Another benefit of such games is interactions with other players not just individually but on a community level as well.

Sandbox MMOs

Hardly any one of the eight billion people in the world goes about their lives without interacting with others. The same goes true in virtual worlds where this experience is replicated. In free MMORPG games, people join social group such as cities, guilds, teams, races and clans among others. This community within a community is what defines sandbox MMOs. In other words, it’s what makes a multiplayer game a multiplayer game.

Path to Power

As with any social group, players will have to find a role to fulfill. You can become the guild leader and be responsible for all your members or just remain as one. Leadership of course creates politics which adds a whole new dynamic to the game.

Whether you want to be a fierce warrior or an innovative craftsman is entirely up to you. You may even choose not to be become part of a group and remain a character shrouded in mystery. It doesn’t matter if you make a choice or not, you’ll have shoes to fill either way.

Role Playing

Free MMORPG games add another layer of gameplay where they let players create unique backgrounds for their characters. The reality is that characters are not just virtual entities; you have the option of creating a personality for it. This will determine how you interact with others in role playing scenarios. Will you be welcoming or suspicious of others?

You can just grind and farm with your characters but that would be just missing the point of a role-playing game. It’s an interesting aspect for players who seek a story and drama.

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