Sevencore Gets New Publisher, Open Beta Now Underway

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Sevencore Gets New Publisher, Open Beta Now Underway

Ignited Games revives defunct fusion fantasy MMO.

Ignited Games has picked up the publishing rights for Sevencore and kicked off the game’s open beta test in North America.

The MMORPG was originally published by gPotato in North America and Tec Interactive in Southeast Asia, but both publishers shut down the game earlier this year. The North American publishing rights is now in the hands of Ignited Games, which also operates Rosh Online and Darkeden in the region.

Sevencore is a fusion fantasy MMORPG with a focus on mounted combat. The game is set in Inadar, a world that combines science fiction with fantasy elements.

To learn more and register for the open beta, head over to the Sevencore website.


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