SMITE Open Beta Launches in Europe and North America


SMITE Open Beta Launches

SMITE Beta opens with a bang.

SMITE, the third-person MOBA game from Hi-Rez Studios, has entered open beta testing in North America and Europe. To show off the game’s huge content patch for the open beta, Hi-Rez has released a video detailing the update.

Check it out:

Here’s a summary of the new features and updates:

• Graphical upgrade of Conquest Map
• Practice match against new AI opponent Ra
• In-game Team & Roster Management
• Ranked Team Conquest queue – Draft Picking for ranked and Challenge Conquest matches • Improved Spectator Camera for Tournament Admins – including a 3-minute delay for spectators to prevent cheating and improved spectator controls (slow-motion, pause, rewind, fast-forward)
• Refer-A-Friend Program

Hi-Rez is also giving away a limited edition cosmetic skin for the frost giant Ymir to anyone who reaches level 30 in the open beta.

For more details or to sign up for the open beta, check out the official website.


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