Special Force 2 Launches in Europe

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Special Force 2 Launches in Europe

GameForge’s F2P FPS now launched in full.

Military FPS S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2 has officially launched in Europe, publisher GameForge has announced.

To play, just head over to the Special Force 2 website, download the game client and jump in.
The official launch adds six new maps, a new “Glass” game mode and 5 additional languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Turkish.

“New maps providing even more variety
A total of six new maps have found their way into the game in time for the official launch. ‘Building Site’ and ‘Shanghai’ are available in the deathmatch mode, whilst team deathmatch fans can enjoy enthralling combat on the new ‘Dam’ map. In Seizure mode, a trip to ‘Hospital’ is now possible, and in Blasting, the maps ‘Station’ and ‘Power Plant’ are new and ready for action.

Shards are unlucky – ‘Glass’ mode
Newly unlocked in time for release is the party game mode ‘Glass’. It is an entertaining team deathmatch modification, in which pistols are used exclusively. Two teams try to shoot out the glass platforms from under the feet of their opponents, to make them fall into their ruin. The team that has at least one player still on solid ground by the end of the round wins.”

The live version of Special Force 2 includes 5 game modes, 15 maps and is available in 9 languages. The game also recently launched in North America as Soldier Front 2.


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