Survarium Closed Beta Gets Underway

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Survarium Closed Beta Begins

Vostok Games’ survival horror MMOFPS has entered beta phase.

Vostok Games has announced the start of the closed beta test for Survarium, its highly anticipated post-apocalyptic survival MMOFPS.

“Today, after many months of hard work from the staff at Vostok Games and our testers, we are extremely happy to announce that we are officially entering the Closed-Beta-Test for the PvP (team play) mode of Survarium,” the developer wrote in an announcement. “This is of course very good news for everyone interested in the project as it means that development is marching forward at a reasonable pace.”

Vostok Games also kicked off its “Invites Lottery” today, sending out invites to three random beta applicants every hour.

The first closed beta test is focused on the game’s PvP mode, and five different locations will be available in the test, including Rudnya, School, Radar Station, Chemical Plant and Tarakanovsky Fort. It features two factions: Scavengers and Black Market, a diverse range of weapons and equipments, ranking system, anomalies, and more.

You can sign up for beta and learn more at the Survarium website.


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