Survarium Opens Its Doors to All This Friday

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Survarium Opens Its Doors to All This Friday

You can play the post-apocalyptic MMOFPS without a beta key on April 25.

Vostok Games is kicking off an open beta event this Friday for its upcoming post-apocalyptic survival MMOFPS Survarium, opening up the game to all for a day.

“On April 25, 2014 Vostok Games announces “Doors Open Day”. For 24 hours on that day, absolutely anyone is welcome to enter, download the current beta version of the game and try it out in action. For the moment the game features only the team-based play mode (PvP). Once the Doors Open Day is over, the game will revert back to the “Closed-Beta” state as we continue preparing the game for the OBT. Especially for this occasion, we decided to film a video on what currently is going on inside Vostok Games and how the developers get ready for the event. In addition, the video will be useful to all who follow the project’s development closely – you will be able to see and hear a lot of news on what’s in works at the moment and to be released with the forthcoming and future game updates. Enjoy!”

You can sign up to play and learn more on the Survarium website.


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