Tactical Intervention Launches on Steam

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Tactical Intervention Launches on Steam

After a bumpy road, tactical FPS successfully relaunches.

Tactically Intervention, the free-to-play online FPS from 1337 Games and FIXKorea, has officially launched on Steam.

You can now grab the game here. The live version of the game adds two new maps – Office and Skyrise, and two new weapons – the SA58 Entry Assault Rifle and Automatic XD45 Pistol.

“Fire at will! New weapons incoming
The versatile arsenal of the multiplayer shooter has already been increased by four weapons during the beta. With the SA 58 Entry Assault Rifle and the Automatic XD45 Pistol terrorists and counter-terrorists now have two additional weapons available at release that extend their firepower.

Office and Skyrise – Two new maps
With the official launch, the map pool expands with two additional maps: On Skyline hostage rescue is the order of the day, while Office provides players fast-paced team death match action. In total there are eleven maps available; many others are on their way, including the previously leaked Airport and Monaco.”

Tactical Intervention originally launched on March 28th, but was shut down by its previous publisher OGPlanet in June. The game is now published by 1337 Games, which acquired worldwide publishing rights to the game in July.


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