Top F2P MMORPG 2012

Want to play the top f2p MMORPG in 2012? The following are some general guidelines to follow when searching for the best free MMORPG.

Good Class System

One important factor to consider when looking for the top f2p MMORPG is whether or not it has a deep class system. The typical classes that are included in every MMORPG are warrior, mage and thief. Some of the best games will expand their class system beyond the traditional three, which offers players even more choices. It is important to note the starting bonuses for each class, as this will give a hint about the game’s variability. One way some games add variety to their games is include a race system in addition to the class system. Instead of only allowing characters to be human, they can choose between such mythical creatures as orcs, elves and dwarfs. Each race usually offers an additional starting bonus on certain ability.

Good storyline

Although the gameplay in a MMORPG is centered around the player’s interactions with other players, the storyline is very important in drawing in and holding player interest. There are many common storylines that appear in the MMORPG world, with many of them in a rustic medieval setting. The best free MMORPG offers a unique setting, such as space or an alternate reality of present society. This does not mean; however, that the medieval setting should be ignored as this traditional setting has been used in many of the great MMORPGs

Not too hard but not too easy

With MMORPGs it is important to find the perfect balance of difficulty as a game that is too easy will become tedious and a game that is too hard will cause the player to lose interest. The best free MMORPG provides just enough challenge to the player that they feel a true sense of accomplishment every time that they complete a quest and from this feeling get a desire to keep on playing.

Unique quests

Many of the MMORPGs out there use the same generic quests like slay a monster or rescue a damsel in distress. The best free MMORPG makes their quests unique so players do not get bored and feel that they are repetitive. This can be done a number of ways, like rewarding the first person to complete the quest, or rewarding the person who completes the quest the quickest. The top f2p MMORPG 2012 gives the player the choice to complete quests alone or to complete quests with a group of travelers. The ability to form groups for quests is an essential part of MMORPGs, so it is an important feature in any game.


The more popular a game is, the more fun it will be since it has enough players for everyone to be able to find groups and players to interact with. The best free MMORPG is popular enough for all players to not have to go more than a few minutes before finding other players to interact with. This is essential as MMORPG gameplay relies heavily on player interaction.

How does the game look?

Believe it or not, graphics play a big part on the overall quality of a game; especially games like MMORPGs since people play them for hours upon hours. The quality of free games has improved drastically, and the best free MMORPG 2012 has graphics that rival many of the games that cost hundreds of dollars a year to play.

There are many things to take into account when searching for the top f2p MMORPG. In order to qualify as the best free MMORPG a game must have great graphics, easy to grasp controls, be not to hard but not too easy and be different from the countless other similar games out on the market. If a game has all these qualities it can without a doubt be considered the best free to play MMO game of the year.

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