Wakfu Launches in Southeast Asia


Wakfu Launches in Southeast Asia

Cash shop now open for business.

Following last month’s open beta, Ankama has announced the official launch of Wakfu in Southeast Asia and the opening of its Asian branch in Singapore.

“Singapore is a key location for us. Our office there will support the launch of WAKFU and other projects and IPs in Asia,” said Olivier Comte, COO and Managing Director of Ankama. “We needed a dedicated team who had relevant knowledge of local markets and were close to potential partners and consumers. The offices will be the headquarters for our Asian operations, including partnerships and events.”

The official launch marks the opening of the game’s cash shop, which sells a wide variety of items, ranging from rental costumes to extra emotes.

Wakfu was announced for Southeast Asia last November. The game is available in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos as well as Australia and New Zealand. You can download the game and find out more on the Wakfu Asia website.


Das Spiel ist kostenlos, doch einzelne Level oder Elemente kosten extra. Aktuell springt auch “Pflanzen gegen Zombies 2” auf den Zug zum “Free-To-Play” auf. …

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