Warframe First Look Video

Warframe is a free to play sci-fi third person hack-slash shooter by Digital Extremes. Players can choose from multiple “warframes” each with their own unique powers and attributes. The gameplay is somewhat similar to Left 4 Dead with players teaming up with friends to complete co-op PvE levels against hordes of challenging AI. To find […]

Audio is MUCH better when I reach act 2, so sorry for the mic been quite loud in the first act, This commentary is casual and is meant just to add to and explain/compliment the gameplay www.nezeramontias.com – mod is found here www.nezeramontias.com – how to install here (I won’t be helping with support issues I’m afraid) www.nezeramontias.com – my thread on the official nez forums, feel free to register and say hi, very friendly bunch of people over there, also comments on there will help new people find my channel, so I will answer more questions on there than in this video, as there is many videos so if people have a question they will have to look through every video to find the answer, so that thread is easier for questions too!
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