‘Mass Effect 3′: ‘Omega’ DLC Out Today For PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Omega,” the latest DLC for Mass Effect 3, is set to make its debut on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 today with an entry price of $ 14.99, or 1200 Microsoft/BioWare Points.

The second singleplayer DLC for BioWare’s controversial final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy follows Shepard and the lovably foul-mouthed Aria T’Loak as she sets out to take back what’s “rightfully” hers: the Omega station from Mass Effect 2.

Here’s more on the story behind Mass Effect 3‘s Omega DLC:

“Navigate Omega’s seedy underbelly as Aria joins your squad and you witness her legendary biotic powers and unrelenting ruthlessness first-hand. Help Nyreen Kandros, the valiant Turian leader of the Talon mercenary group, as she fights to free the enslaved people of Omega. Face down fearsome new enemies, including the Cerberus-manipulated Reaper, the Adjutant. Shape Omega’s future through four death-defying missions, and strike a devastating blow to the Illusive Man’s plans.”

Speaking to Polygon, BioWare producer Fabrice Condominas revealed that Omega is the largest Mass Effect 3 DLC to date–but Condominas admits that it wasn’t exactly intended to be.

The team behind the project, Condominas explains, was given free reign to do as they wished with the story of Aria T’Loak, Omega, and its imprisoned citizens. As development rolled on, the team realized that more needed to be done to flesh out the story.

“We had a lot of feedback asking to know more about Aria and Omega and we decided fairly early on making this a personal history of Aria and the Station. But the game at its current size was not the original goal,” says Condominas.

“Around the first 1/3 of the project when we first validated the writing we realized we needed to include strong moral choices throughout the game and didn’t ask ourselves how long this would end up making it.”

You can see the launch trailer for Mass Effect 3‘s Omega DLC below.

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