Colin Johanson Outlines Guild Wars 2 Live Game Development

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Colin Johanson, lead content designer and resident sword-swinger for Guild Wars 2, has outlined the company’s plans for the game’s future. He goes on to outline their philosophy on the game, and then proceeds to present the Live Teams that will be in charge of producing extra content not all that different than the Live Team’s work from the original Guild Wars. You can find descriptions of each team on the official website, but there are a few that caught my eye.

First off is the team in charge of the beloved in-game festivals. As you can see by the artwork provided, Halloween will make its triumphant return this month. In fact, Colin encourages everybody to keep an eye out next week for information on the festival everybody’s looking forward to. There’s also the bonus team. This group is essentially a Live Team created on an “as needed” basis to work on content that doesn’t fall into the other categories listed. We’re also scheduled to see what everybody on this team has been working on lately sometime in November, so don’t short yourselves out on Halloween candy!


Holidays & Events—Our Holidays & Events team will be creating a variety of special holidays inGuild Wars 2, building on the long tradition of amazing holidays in Guild Wars. You can likely guess which holiday you will see from this team first, and I recommend that everyone check our website next week for more information about this exciting first event.
On top of holidays, this team will also be creating in-game one-time events that occur and can change the world or drive narratives that come to a finite conclusion across the world.Quote

Bonus teams—We will sometimes be creating additional teams not listed above. These teams will build specific cool features or events we decide we want to do outside of the scope of the other live teams. (Spoiler: We have some of these teams hard at work right now, and you’ll be seeing the first results of their efforts in November.)Reply to quoted posts     Clear     News? Colin Johanson Outlines Guild Wars 2 Live Game DevelopmentPrivacy Policy Forum Rules & Guidelines ·

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