Daily Karma Reward Change

So, is there really a point to why the Karma given by completing your Daily was nerfed? First, you changed the liquid items so they were no longer affected by boosters, but increased the amount they give by 50%, which was fine in my book. Even though I used all my Liquid Karma items after the change when it was reverted and didn’t get the 50% increase and was never reimbursed but that’s besides the point.

Then, you take away the Jug of Liquid Karma from completing your Daily and give a measily Drop of Liquid Karma which is about useless comparitively. I know you also get 5 silver and a Mystic Coin, but the coin isn’t worth much either and 5 silver is worth more than the Jug Of Liquid Karma you used to get

I would like to see it changed back or an explanation as to why it was reduced, because now I don’t see much reason to do my Daily at all besides getting 1 Laurel

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